Apple at Education

Kindling the spark of ingenuity in students

Bob Richards once said, “Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles”, and intrinsic to every student is their quality of ingenuity. As it not helps them bring their brilliant ideas to life but also helps them be critical thinkers, effective communicators and efficient problem solvers. Fostering this development of the students is one of the most essential traits of an educator. And assisting them all the way is Apple, by ceaselessly inventing resources to aid them to do just that. With not only compelling products, but also innovative curriculum Apple makes sure that they are there for you every step of the way to create seamless experience of acquiring knowledge.

Products for Learning

Slaying ideas with our Lit-able tools. Igniting engagement with creativity

Express your ideas with technology designed to be your perfect companion in your creations. The versatility and power of iPad encourages the freedom to explore and communicate ideas as Mac helps it bring to life. Its apps and tools are built specifically to ease the process of student’s creation leading to incredibly unique learning experience.

Express your ideas with technology designed to be your perfect companion in your creations.
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Apple TV


Creation has never been easier than with an iPad!

Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Expression – the two principles behind the design of iPad, a computer which in Apple’s own words, “Looks nothing like a computer”. It gives students the ease of idea creation as soon the inspiration hits them whenever and wherever they are. iPad is everything and anything a student would like it to be.

Versatile -Touch

Dropping, Swiping, Dragging, You name it and you can do it. All from the time you pick up iPad for your stunning idea to finishing it, it’s got your back in everything you would like to do.


Empowering students of every kind to help them bring out their powerful ideas, is the design intent of iPad. Just like every other Apple Product.


Ever thought that, “Oh! This task requires a desktop”. Well not anymore because iPad is all the incredible tool you need to make that task happen. Even better, It can happen right between your classes.


Learning doesn’t always have to be unidirectional, It can be multi-directional. iPad assists you with that by its feature of multi-tasking – meaning you can work in more than one app at a time and in multiple windows.


In word of the tech giant Apple itself, Browsing web in Safari on an iPad, “is so immersive it’s like having a web in your hands”. And what can get better than that.

Apple Pencil

Opening up a whole new way to use the iPad is Apple Pencil. Sleek and user friendly Apple pencil helps you jot down all the “Eureka” moment ideas on the spot.


Freezing a moment of hope, happiness, inspiration, perception to shape an idea and work on it, the cameras are at your command.


Apart from the onscreen keyboard, user will also have the option of using external keyboard to make ease of access easier.


This gadget was designed to be sleek and light so it weighs just a pound and can be carried around, So you can have your non computer – computer at the back of your bag anytime anywhere you want.


Develop stunning creations into life

Enabling greatest minds of the worlds in their respective fields have their creations come to life is Mac. With its state-of-art graphics and processors, magnificent display and advanced memory and storage, Mac is the all powerful tool you need to create your stunning project that will go down in history to be cherished.

Retina Display

Students get to have complete control on the outcome of even tiniest detail of their projects. As Mac gives them the clarity to fine tune even smallest aspect while giving them enlarged screen space for better view.


Mac with its magnificent graphics, swift storage and high performance processors has the ability to make and move insanely huge files and at same time run multiple apps.


Lasting up to a day with battery of 10 hours, Mac gives you all day unmatched battery accomplishment packed into a sleek design

Keyboard and Trackpad

Backlit full-fledged keyboard for additional accuracy provides extraordinarily ease for coding or writing.

Built-in Apps

The Built in Apps provide the students with the tools to get started immediately to work on numbers, photos, imovie etc..

Professional Apps

Mac through professional apps gives the students the ability to turn their projects into massive productions. Some of the prominent tools to be used by noteworthy creators are Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro.

Apple TV

Making big ideas even bigger

Apple Tv being connected to projector or HDTV in class gives educators the liberty to move around the class while teaching and providing individual attention and support to students. It also makes the task of student sharing their work much easier as they can do it instantly from their Mac or iPads.

Apple Teacher

Apple teacher assists educators to build their skills that are related to curricula and activities of their students on iPad and Mac. As in Apple’s own words it is a, “free, self-paced professional learning program”.

Teacher Resources

It is the go-to hub of teachers where they can access tutorials, converse with fellow educators about lecture ideas and have sessions helping each out in understanding the full potential usage of iPad and Mac.

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Apple at work

A product becomes Majestic when it is Trusted by people for their business.

According to an experts’ report 3 out of 4 employees in a company would love to use apple products for business tasks. That alone speaks volumes about how Apple products assist employees in getting their work done productively. These devices are built to work in an ecosystem where users can collaborate inclusively to get their task designed and done. Apart from the aforementioned, Apple devices are also known for their ability to give complete control to their user to use it however they see fit, bringing out the creative best in people. Apple believes that When people have power to work the way they want, with tools they love, they can do their best work.

Products and Platforms

Venturing out has never been more easy. With Apple’s technology you can make decisions, connect with your team or share your Eureka ideas with your team anytime, anywhere. Apple’s products have been created with the thought of everything going rapidly mobile. This results in dynamic devices which are built with state of art security, top notch design and impeccable software along with thousands of apps available at your call at the App store.

We bring you the finest for your business.
  • A Complete Ecosystem To Give You The Best Of Results
  • Outstanding Compatibility With Existing Systems
  • Invincible Design
  • Absolute Interface
  • Powerful Hardware for Solid Results
  • Well Organized Management and Simplified Deployment.


We stand by Apple’s words that, “Devices that are as easy to deploy as they are to use”, as they indeed are. We have all the tools in place to take care of the product’s IT life so it doesn’t affect your users experience in any way. You can count on us to manage everything of your device including its integration and deployment, so you can work uninterrupted at your best.

Streamlining entire product cycle
  • Content Protection
  • Security & Compliance.
  • Installation & Incorporation
  • Integration & Set Up
  • Provisioning & Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Management of Identity
  • Content Distribution

Employee Loved Tools At Your Command

Incorporating varied demands of a modern office in a powerful and unique environment, Apple products offer robust assistive features and apps. It includes iBook Author for creating training manuals, Adobe Creative Suite for Product Design and Engineering, Keynote for Marketing and much more. Thus, offering each employee from different departments various tools for seamless business interactions.

Apple Embraced Workplace
  • Customized Set Up
  • User Financial Friendly Framework
  • Strive for The Best Experience Possible
  • Shared Responsibility for Support
  • Modern Provisioning and Deployment
  • Adopt and Approve Devices
  • Get Up and Running
  • Utilize Ongoing Support

Do something great with the Apps

Apple devices are exemplary tools to use for any business interested in apps. This powerful platform brings unique approach to your company to build custom apps or explore built in or third party apps. Thus leading to employees solving problems efficiently and being creatively productive.

Apps change the way you work
  • Routine Established Task Apps
  • Constructively Collaborate
  • Effective Basic Start
  • Firm Related Apps
  • Expert Consultation
  • Document Accessibility
  • Create Work Solutions

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Apple at Healthcare

Apple creates a network of systems to safely connect and share health information with authorized care providers so you receive best care possible. Its tools and information empower you to understand and handle you and your family’s healthcare needs with ease.

With growing number of health care providers investing in security, technology and services to fit each patient’s requirements, With its advanced technology, Apple assists not only in delivering customized health care but also in solving unique needs and challenges of the health industry.

Apple in Hospital

Products offered by Apple have transformed the way doctors and other medical staff operates with their patients. There are numerous apps available on iPhone and iPad that enable hospitals and clinics to work more efficiently. These apps also allow you to make online appointments, share reports, track treatment progress and get updates on your health frequently. This way, patients stay informed and engaged in personal care under the supervision of their medical team.

Patient Care at Home

Undoubtedly, digitization has removed traditional operational inefficiencies by bringing the ability to organize, store and share electronic medical records. Devices like iPhone, apple watch, and the health app make it seamless for patients to record their health data, history and share it with their healthcare team when necessary. It enables the patients to stay connected and under supervision of their medical team, (with consent) even when not in hospital.

Custom Apps for Medical Research

Just as impeccable Apple devices are to use for any business/ work they are ideal tools for medical researchers too. This powerful platform enables the researchers the unique approach of building their own apps through ResearchKit makes the entire research process extremely easy for the researchers and participants of survey, including basic yet extremely important things like informed consent and collection of medical data.

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11 reasons

Mac means

Reason #1

Seriously powerful silicon.

Apple silicon changes everything. Choose from three powerful chips — M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max. Each one delivers blazing-fast processing and incredible power efficiency. In short, Apple silicon is a breakthrough for breakthroughs. For your entire team.

Apple silicon overview (PDF)

Reason #2

See reason #1.

All-new Apple silicon really is that powerful. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, MacBook Air is up to 3.5x faster than before.1 MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max delivers up to 13x faster graphics.2 It’s the ultimate in performance for innovation.

Reason #3

Our loooooooooooooooooongest battery life.

With jaw-dropping battery life — up to 18 hours — MacBook Air delivers the power to work where, how and for as long as you want.3

18 hours

Reason #4

Mac works
with IT.

Set up devices from anywhere with zero-touch deployment. And manage Mac at any scale with mobile device management.

Learn more about IT

Reason #5

Mac works for companies without IT.

Mac is intuitive to use and easy to manage. Simple setup and Apple’s Migration Assistant help you get Mac up and running quickly. And its reliable hardware won’t let you down, so it’s perfect for companies with or without dedicated IT support.

Reason #6

Mac costs less
in the
long run.

With fewer support tickets, less software needed and higher residual value, the savings add up.4

Read the Forrester TEI Study

Reason #7

The most innovative companies run on Mac.

84% of the world’s top innovators, such as Salesforce, SAP and Target, deploy Mac at scale.5

Reason #8


And so
much more.

All the business apps you need run beautifully on Mac — from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to SAP and Dropbox.6 And thanks to Apple silicon, popular iPhone and iPad apps for work can now run on Mac too.

Learn more about apps for work

Reason #9

Security’s built right in.

Mac is the most secure personal computer on the planet, thanks to built-in features like hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID and Gatekeeper.

Learn more about Apple security

Reason #10

Mac  iPhone.

Mac feels just like the Apple devices employees know and love — and they all work together seamlessly. Copy and paste across devices. Use Handoff to start an email on one device and finish on another. And pick up calls anywhere.

Learn how Apple devices work together

Reason #11

It’s a pleasure to work with.

Give your team the devices they love and let them get down to business.

Learn about employee choice