Jamf, the standard for Apple in the enterprise, extends the legendary Apple

Jamf, the standard for Apple in the enterprise, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organisations through its software and the 100,000 members of Jamf Nation, the largest community of Apple IT admins in the world.

Provide Secure Access to the enterprise resource such as internal applications, file servers and network resource to the end users

Maximise user productivity and streamline IT workflows

Safeguard Mac from malware and costly breaches

Bring the Legendary Apple Experience to Your Organization

Since 2002, Jamf has been helping organizations around the globe succeed with Apple. Long before Apple became the world’s most valuable brand, Jamf Pro provided IT with the ability to automate the tasks associated with device deployment and management – all while empowering device users to be more creative, productive, and happier. No platform offers better security or delivers a more productive user experience than Apple. And no tool manages Apple devices better than Jamf Pro.


You can integrate with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to deploy without ever touching the device.


Monitor hardware and software distribution by user or device, for more productive planning and budgeting.


Leverage the world class native security tools that Apple builds into every device.


Maximize existing third-party tools, distribute through the cloud, and tie into your existing user directory.


Our proprietary Self Service app gives users one-stop, on-demand access to organizationally approved apps, software, and content — and lets them apply system configs and run routine maintenance tasks all without pestering IT.


Ensure your peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and by reporting on backup status.

Transform provisioning and identity management

Binding to an Active Directory domain was a great solution to solve authentication issues for 20 years. But in an age of increasingly mobile devices, employees perform their jobs in a cloud-based environment without the requirement of connecting to the corporate network. Today, being a member of an Active Directory can be a challenge. Jamf Connect relieves the binding and gives you the flexiblity to centrally and remotely manage users, groups, passwords, and access to corporate applications and cloud resources. It’s the approach to identity and security, evolved.

Account provisioning

Jamf Connect gives users the ability to access their Mac and their applications with a single identity, providing an improved user experience during setup and day to-day logins – all without the need for multiple accounts and to bind to Active Directory.

Identity management

Jamf Connect requires a cloud identity username and password, giving IT Admins the ability to monitor who is accessing devices, to leverage cloud admin permissions to service machines, and maintain security and compliance standards across all devices and users.

Password synchronization

Jamf Connect ensures a user’s cloud identity passwords are synchronized down to the local account level on the Mac, even when the password is changed.

Protect Apple endpoints against Mac-specific threats

The corporate security landscape is changing, and one size fits all security tools fail to provide the level of visibility needed to thwart today’s sophisticated enterprise threats. Developed natively on Apple’s architecture, Jamf Protect provides deep visibility into the activities and threats on macOS endpoints. With Jamf Protect’s dashboards, real-time alerts, and extensive reporting on built-in macOS security frameworks like XProtect, Gatekeeper and MRT, you’ll be the first to know when suspicious activities occur on your Apple computers.

Detect and hunt Mac-specific threats

Focus on understanding macOS activities, including those threats and attacks unique to Apple’s architecture. Jamf’s dedicated macOS security research provides deeper insights compared to Windows-first products.

Enterprise visibility into native Apple security tools

Bring Apple’s privacy commitment to the enterprise, by providing visibility of macOS’ built-in security tools like XProtect and Gatekeeper that protect users from common malware.

Controlled isolation and remediation through Jamf Pro

Manage and automate isolation, remediation, and cleanup of devices under attack with the same industry leading Jamf Pro that IT organizations already use to manage their macOS computers.

Simple Jamf Protect management with Jamf Pro

Simplify security tool management by leveraging the same industry leading Jamf Pro that IT organizations already use to manage their macOS computers.

Designed for macOS to minimize end user impact

Keep employees productive, collaborative, and as engaged as Apple users expect while gaining insights necessary for IT and Security teams.

Endpoint compliance assessment

Get quick insight into the security posture and endpoint configuration of all managed macOS endpoints.

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