Shiv Nadar School

Radius takes pride in serving the suitable solutions to Shiv Nadar School, which is based on IB & CBSE. It has three campuses, with 2000 students thriving to become future leaders of the next generation. As a tech-savvy international school, Shiv Nadar focuses on implementing full Apple solutions to enhance the education quality for the students. We have offered about 700 Macs and 200+ iPads to foster the creative approach of students and teachers. Radius has also implemented a one-to-one iPad scheme for students studying in Shiv Nadar, which offers them the freedom to think differently and make informed decisions. By employing technology in schools, we make classroom technology integrated and interactive. We believe an iPad is the best teaching and learning tool for the current generation. With Zuludesk, our devices can be fully managed and handled by every student and teacher.


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