Aligning towards your mission to Help you make your vision true in bringing the technology in education / Classroom

As an Apple Solution Experts for Education and jamf certified solution provider, we can help schools & universities adopt and scale the use of Apple technology in the classroom. Whether schools are seeking a classroom set or one to one implementation of devices and organise their teachers & students and their devices, our professional consultancy will help you to achieve your vision. We also deliver a range of professional IT services including wireless networks, secure internet, classroom AV, Deployment of ASM, MDM & VPP and Apple professional development services.

Solution For Students

iPad & Apple Pencil
  • Robust & Versatile tool helps learning anywhere
  • With iPad learning is on the finger tips
  • Explore new ideas With iPad’s Power and flexibility.
  • With 12hrs battery backup iPad can be live for whole day in all classes
  • Capture new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes
  • With Apple Pencil write and design on iPad glass with smooth touch.
  • With built in creative and productive tools, student can create stunning content
  • With amazing apps and advanced built-in technologies, iPad can be everything for students.
Mac & macOS
  • Mac puts unprecedented performance into an impossibly thin design, yet still provides all-day battery life — up to 10 hour
  • Every Mac comes ready to create with Pages, Numbers, Keynote to create beautiful contents
  • Mac gives students more opportunities to grow professional skill sets.
  • With powerful design and tools students and teachers can get work done almost anywhere without need of any third party tool
  • No headache for licensing, Mac has everything built in & with subscription
Content & Apps
  • Millions of curated and specifically education designed apps are available to use on iPad and Mac
  • Students and teachers can use them to enhance the hands on experience of Apple devices
  • App Store has thousands of additional apps designed specifically for education and curated as per class and age.
  • iTunes U has abandon of content in pdf, audio and video format available for free of cost use.
  • Lectures and tutorial from renewed university and collage are available to consume.
  • There are special discounting on pro apps are available for schools and collages

Solution For Teachers

Teaching Tools
  • With proper solution Teacher can use the technology in more controlled and organised way.
  • Tools like School Work Classroom, Jamf Teacher, provide more power to the teacher in classroom
  • Inbuilt tools can help teacher to prepare stunning assignment and presentation on the go.
  • Empower teacher to manage their entire class with his device
  • Empower teacher to track the student digital work with School Work app.
  • Apple’s Classroom app helps teacher to organise and manage class with in the school premise
  • Jamf Teacher App allows teacher to organise and control class even students are at their home.
  • ASM and Jamf Teacher App helps teacher
Apple Teacher Programs
  • Apple Teacher is a free, self-paced professional learning program
  • Teacher can get hands-on training on Apple tools and technology as their convenient.
  • Connect with other teachers to share experiences, ideas, and inspiration
  • This is Apple Teacher Learning Centre where you can develop skills, collect badges and earn recognition as an Apple Teacher.
  • You’ll also receive news and updates with teacher stories, tips and teaching ideas
  • You can access this from any browser, from anywhere and from anytime.
  • Use your personal Apple ID or Managed Apple ID provided by your school to signup in Apple Teachers programme.
Apple Distinguish Educator
  • Join the community of almost 3000 ADEs to transform teaching and learning using Apple technology in education
  • ADEs are the teachers itself like you who use Apple Technology and helps others educators rethink what’s possible with iPad and Mac
  • ADEs are experts on the realities of integrating technology into learning environments.
  • ADEs share their expertise in using technology to help engage students in new ways
  • ADEs work together to develop and promote powerful ideas for improving teaching and learning worldwide.
  • ADEs provide best practices and leadership in education through published lessons, podcasts, books, and more

Solution For Classroom

Classroom Management
  • Radius can help Teachers get the most out of technology in the classroom
  • With Apple technology & Jamf Tools Radius can help you building the classroom solution.
  • With Apple School Manager organise your teachers, students and classes
  • With Apple’s Classroom app empower teacher to manage entire Classe on his iPad or Mac.
  • Restrict, facilitate, monitor and organise the class all with Apple technology.
  • Teacher can view student’s iPad screen, open any website or content in students iPad, restrict sound or camera in student iPad all from his/her device remotely
  • Automate the process of conducting remote classes with jamf teacher app and ASM
Content Distribution
  • Apple technology & Jamf tools will ease out your content, course and hand outs distribution with students
  • Distribute learning material in more easy and controlled way with students
  • Have full control with Apple’s classroom app to share learning content to individual students or in group or whole classroom in one go
  • Apple School work allows teachers to share Hand outs, assignment and keep track of their learning pace.
  • Distribute hands out and assignment to student and collect the same on your iPad seamlessly
  • Easily send out anything from announcements to assignments with Handouts.
  • With iGnite app you can build a digital platform to distribute learning material
Assessment & Feedback
  • With Apple technology & Jamf Tools We will build digital platform to conduct the assessment in more proctored way
  • With our power full and easy to use solution give your teachers the easy way to conduct in class or remote assessment.
  • Use our School Work app to distribute assignment and collect the same all on teachers device in more organised fashion
  • With iGnite app and jamf tools conduct MCQ or subjective assessment in more controlled ways
  • Use apple technology and jamf tool to organise remote exams in new fashioned way

Solution For IT

Apple School Manager

Organise Your Teachers, students, and devices

  • Will help you to integrate iPad and Mac seamlessly into your learning environment.
  • Apple School Manager is subscription free service for Schools and collages to organise their teachers, students with their classes
  • Integrate your Microsoft azure email IDs and use them as managed apple ids to access apple services
  • ASM help you in creating managed apple ids in bulk and allows you to have full control on them
  • Your pain to configure and provision the apple device is over, use ASM and Jamf to setup student and teacher device remotely
  • Radius can consult and develop the digital platform with ASM and jamf so that your teachers and student can be enabled with tools to create best engaging learning experiences

Buy and distribute apps and books to students and teachers devices

  • Its never been easy to buy and distribute apps to student in bulk
  • Even IT don’t had any control on app which they installed on students device
  • With ASM and Jamf School you can buy apps and books in bulk and distribute on students and teachers devices over the air
  • Now you have complete ownership on apps and book
  • You can revoke and reassign any apps and books which you bought from ASM
  • Manage the apps and book license with VPP
  • Buy pro and paid apps in discounted price and have full ownership on them
Jamf School MDM

Provision and life cycle management of devices

  • Breath easy to utilise the power of MDM with Jamf School MDM
  • One of the best propose build education MDM, help you with complete Apple device manageability.
  • Easily integrate with ASM to provision and setup student and teacher device with zero touch experience
  • Push restriction and school policy on students device over the air.
  • Setup box pack student device remotely while they are packed in their box.
  • Install apps and books in devices and manage their updates over the air
  • Manage your hardware inventory with Jamf MDM
  • Jamf MDM help you to facilitate remote learning by leveraging its tools for teachers and students

Teach & learn remotely With Apple

Class Delivery Tool

Connect with your students remotely to conduct the eClass. It will help you to enhance and expand classes with powerful collaboration tools for remote learning, including video conferencing, multi screen-sharing, polling, and group chats within one click

Collaboration & Content Delivery Tool

Collaborate, organise and share stunning class assignment, handouts & school projects with Apple Native tools. Teachers can easily distribute & collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps, and collaborate one on one with students from anywhere

White-boarding & Screen Recording Tool

Explain concepts of any subject, record them on the device, export in mp4 format and share with your student, and let them learn off-line with their own pace. Powerful white-boarding and screen recording app let you record your activity along with your voice

Content Creation Tool

Create your teaching & learning content in document, video and audio format for class assignment and class reports with more interactive & easy way. With super easy tools, create stunning text books, history books, picture books with interactive content. create and send a video lesson or tell a quick story with artistic filters, animated text, music, emoji, and fun stickers.

Assessment Tool

You can engage, assess, and personalise their class. It is an app to start formative assessments of students through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets, and space races. The app can grade, aggregate and provide visuals of results of students; further, teachers can spot opportunities for necessary instructions for their students.

Apple Education Programs

“Education is deep in Apple’s DNA,” Since 40 years Apple is helping teachers & students to bring technology in pedagogy. Apple unveiled a number of new education-oriented features for the iPad and Mac. Apple has helped institutions and implemented a process that provides planning, professional learning, and ongoing guidance so every school can experience the transformational power of technology.

Apple Learning Center:

It is online, self-paced professional learning programme that offers unlimited access to learning materials and content for using technology in education. It can be access from anywhere on any device.

Apple Teacher:

The programme is a great way for schools and districts to offer free professional learning that their teaching staff. When you sign up for Apple Teacher, you’ll start a self-paced journey through the Apple Teacher Learning Centre, a personalised online learning experience that you can access from anywhere!

Apple Distinguish Educator:

ADEs are active teachers from around the world helping other educators rethink what’s possible with iPad and Mac to make learning deeply personal for every student. As a teacher, if you are using Apple technology to transform your class, apply for ADE and get certified by other ADE teacher.

Bring Apple Designed Curriculum to your class:

Different ways to learn the core subjects with technology. With this curriculum Apple Helps students think, experiment and learn through creativity and coding. This is a collection of project guides that bring creative expression to every subject and master them in coding and creating.

The Everyone Can Code curriculum

will guide you through Swift Playgrounds, an app that teaches coding for kids through a world of interactive puzzles and playful characters. It’s great for students aged eight and up, and will help you introduce coding in the same language used by professional app developers

Everyone Can Create Programme

teach students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music and drawing. And they help ignite creativity by giving teachers fun and meaningful ways to bring these skills into any lesson, at any grade level. It engage student More And when students are more engaged, they take more ownership of their learning. Students become better problem-solvers, communicators and collaborators


Built in features that work the way you do. Make them yours, and make something wonderful.

The iPad has many built in assistive features to support students with their vision, hearing, motor skills, learning, and literacy.

How Radius Helps

We partnered with Avaz two years back. Avaz is a Picture based Communication & Learning App for people with special needs. AVAZ IS YOUR VOICE. For people with speech difficulties. Avaz empowers people to communicate their thoughts, emotions, ideas, needs and wants. Avaz can be used at home to communicate what they wish to eat and can also be used in school to access learning.

  • Making Every Voice Heard: From Communicating that they are happy to participating and learning in the classroom Avaz helps with all.
  • Robust and growing vocabulary:  Language plays an important role in conveying intent and communicating ideas. Hence, Avaz supports a robust vocabulary of words that can grow with the child.
  • Easy to adapt and personalize: Every child is unique, have different likings; so why have the same pictures for words for all?  With Avaz, you can easily personalize a word in seconds, be it for their favorite superhero or ice cream flavor.
  • Designed for the child, parent, and professional: Avaz offers simple, practical strategies that can be used at home and hands-on practice sessions which enable everyone to be a better communication partner to the child.
  • Designed to be accessible: We believe that a device or language should not be an obstacle that restricts an individual from expressing themselves.  Hence Avaz is available across iOS and Android platforms in multiple languages.

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